Jaime Scalpello

Jaime Scalpello Galimidis was born in Santiago de Chile. He has been singing and winning prizes at song festivals since he was 6 years old. He participates in children’s television programs and in his adolescence, sings on television for a while.

In his years of achieving experience, he enters the Catholic University in the port of Valparaíso to study and become an Architect. On the mountains of Valparaiso city and beside the ocean, he spends ten years gaining maturity in life. At that time, together with his brother Pablo, Mauricio Urzúa and Fabián Verdún, they formed the group A–Zero, with whom he developed his artistic career. The band recorded two productions (A-Zero in 1993 and La Biblia by Azero in 1995).

At the beginning of the new century, he was part of the progressive rock band called Entrance. For more than a decade he spent his career touring the country and abroad (Baja-Prog Mexico Festival.) The band recorded two productions “En la Tierra” 2002 and “Entre Dos Mundos” 2008. Later in his solo stage, he edits the work “El Rugido de los Dioses” 2008. He has also collaborated with other local musicians from the progressive scene in recent years.

During the confinement of the pandemic, and after witnessing the 2019 eclipse in the north of Chile, living a very important experience, he begins to compose songs together with Eduard Heberlein for his work Seed Project, which today goes out to the world through the digital media.

The seeds are already sprouting.